TheTrustees were delighted to read the Hub’s first newsletter about the range of events that villagers are sponsoring in the building.


It set us thinking about the tremendous amount that has been achieved in a short space of time, and reminded us how it couldn’t have been done without many villagers volunteering their valuable time and effort.


The Trustees have been delighted and amazed at the number of people who have one by one come forward with offers of help. We’ve been blown away by the range of skills, knowledge and experience that we had no idea existed in our village.


People too numerous to name have volunteered to help with plumbing, accounting, painting, alarms, legal matters, catering, electrics, designing, repairs, wi-fi, locks, the drains - you name it! So now, a bare six months since the purchase, the Trust wants to record its thanks and appreciation to everyone who has contributed, from the old Hub Group right through to the newest volunteer. The newsletter shows that the Hub you all helped bring into being is fully prepared for its first pre-Christmas programme.


Congratulations! And thanks!










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After a short break over January, the Hub is back open with a full programme of events over the Spring period.  


And we're not resting on our laurels with improvements to the Hub planned over the coming months starting with the kitchen, which will shortlybe fully-functioning .  This will enable the preparation of hot and cold food which we hope will lead to numerous food related events such as pop-up restaurants, curry nights or just a toastie to go with your cup of coffee!


The Hub is for everyone in the village (and beyond). So, if you have an event or activity you would like to see take place don't wait for someone to organise - take it on yourself, it's fun and we're here to support and assist wherever we can.


Hope to see you in the Hub soon!


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