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New Events for 2020 - see the What's On Page for details

The Chequers Inn Barkestone le Vale was purchased in 2019 for the village for use as a Community Hub.   The core facilities proposed to be run from the Hub will be cafe, shop, bar and guest accommodation, but there will be many more uses of the space for the community to use as it needs it.

Our ambition is to fill the gap that has been left by the loss of other facilities, and much more - it is to create a space for people to enjoy each other's company and to build a centre for a whole range of services and activities to take place.

There are 3 core aims at the centre of the Hub:

1. To promote community cohesion and inclusivity. To create a space for people to come together, help and support each other, to avoid isolation, and to ensure that no-one is living with problems that their community has the power to solve.

2. To be the heart of a thriving and sustainable village, providing a centre where a multitude of activities and amenities take place.  services to which people would have to travel, or would have

3. To enhance, enrich and celebrate village life, to nurture new and creative ideas and to have fun in each other's company.




About the Village Hub

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We’re confident that villagers, friends and visitors will be sensible and careful when deciding whether or not to visit the Hub at this time.

The trustees haven’t yet taken the reluctant decision to close the Hub and put activities on hold. However, we are closely tracking government thinking and confirm that we will act immediately on any relevant decisions at national level.

In the meantime we are confident that people who think they might have symptoms will know not to come to the Hub and mingle with friends and villagers until they are sure they are no longer infectious. And whilst in the building, we anticipate people will follow the recognised handwashing and hygiene guidelines (though we would be grateful if they sing “Happy birthday” only very quietly…).


Alec Johns,  13 March 2020
for the Trust.